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The Sensoriance project is progressing on time reaching the goals and milestones of the plan. The 12th of September we enjoyed a very important and productive follow-up meeting in MLabs Optronics facilities with the visit of Amanda Peattie, topic manager of Sensoriance project from Saab Avionics, Klas Granbom, senior system engineer from Saab Avionics and Christina-Maria Margariti project administrator at Clean Sky Joint Undertaking.

During the visit our partners from Saab and the Clean Sky program had the oportunity to visit MLabs Optronics laboratory and talk directly with the engineers developing Sensoriance system. Different specialists in optics, electronics, mechanics and software performed demonstrations with Sensoriance system prototype.


MLabs Optronics is a company specialized in the design, development and implementation of quality control and process projects in the Aeronautical sector through image processing, either in the visible spectrum and/or in other spectra such as the infrared LWIR, NIR, SWIR , etc.

MLabs Optronics is leading the European R&D project Sensoriance, in collaboration with Saab Avionics Systems, developing an artificial vision and obstacle detection multisensorial system for aviation safety.