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As part of the dissemination and communication activities of the Sensoriance project, the seminar on New Advances in Optoelectronics applied in Civil Aviation has been developed at the Rey Juan Carlos University.

The seminar was conducted by Javier Muñoz de Luna (PhD), an expert in Optoelectronics and Vision Systems, responsible for the MLabs Optronics team that carries out the development of the Sensoriance project.

During the seminar the concept of optoelectronics was reviewed, with special emphasis on the origins of thermography. After there was an analysis of the different phases that are usually followed for the development of a project in the field of optoelectronics and artificial vision.

At the end of the seminar an infrared camera in the LWIR band was shown, which has been developed for the Sensoriance project, as well as explained the criteria that have been followed to optimize the camera for artificial vision.

The following video shows a moment of the session carried out by Javier Muñoz de Luna during the development of the seminar.

MLabs Optronics is a company specialized in the design, development and implementation of quality control projects and processes in the Aeronautical sector through image processing, either in the visible spectrum and/or in other spectra such as infrared LWIR, NIR, SWIR, etc.

MLabs Optronics is currently leading the European R&D Sensoriance project, in collaboration with Saab Avionics Systems, for aviation security through an artificial vision and obstacle detection system based on a multisensory system.