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The work plan is divided in 3 technical Work Packages following a ladder distribution

(output of one WP are the inputs of the subsequent one)

WP1. System requirements

This work package consists of 2 tasks:
T.1. Definition phase with final specifications (PDR)
T.2. Design phase review (CDR)

WP2. EOS unit production and integration

This work package consists of 2 tasks:
T.3. Production of evaluation EOS LRU units
T.4.Integration and run-up.

WP3. Integration and evaluation of the unit/validation and flights (LUAR)

This work package consists of 2 tasks:
T.5. Environmental and Functional Testing
T.6. Design phase review (CDR)

Additionally, 2 transversal WPs have been defined to cover the overall coordination of the project (WP5), and the dissemination, communication and exploitation of the project results (WP4). The relation of the different Work Packages is shown in the following figure:

SENSORIANCE’s management structure has been designed considering the low complexity of the project.

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With the collaboration of Saab Avionics Systems

Saab Avionics Systems collaborates in Sensoriance project as the Topic Manager, advising on the planning, development and deliverables from the different Work Packages, as well as in the strategy in the communication, dissemination and exploitation of the results.

Legal, contractual and financial issues at both strategic and operational level will be managed by a central coordination. The Project Coordinator will be Adeodato Altamirano Aguilar.

The Project Manager’s responsibilities include:

  • Technical coordination: Propose strategic and operational orientations of the project; Monitor WP leadership, the achievement of the project’s overall objectives and the delivery of contractual obligations; Participate in High Level Advisory Board (HLAB) Meetings.
  • Legal and contractual Issues: Liaise with the JU and Topic Manager on legal and contractual matter at project level; project organization including decision-making and reporting process and dispute resolution.
  • Financial Issues: provide appropriate reporting and monitoring tool for the project and ensure accurate and timely financial report.

MESUREX technical secretariat will assist the project coordinator in the financial and administrative responsibilities of the project.

Work Packages (WP) will be implemented by WP Teams, each of which will be led by a WP leader (however several WP could be leaded by the same WP leader). Given the workload planned in the project, to provide support to the WP leader each WP has been divided into tasks with clearly defined activities and outputs. This structure provides WP leaders with support in the execution of their WP duties however it has been made very clear to all WP leaders that the final responsibility for implementation of all tasks remains with the WP leader not with the task leader (and ultimately with the coordinator). The Coordinator will support the WP leader in the implementation of all WPs stepping in where required to ensure the work plan is adhered to. The coordinator will organize regular meetings with WP leaders. Progress reporting by each WP leader will be made at project meetings held approximately every sixth months.

The High Level Advisory Board will be composed of a cross-section of representatives who are experts on aeronautical systems integration topics related to the specific fields of research and development of SENSORIANCE project. As opinion-leaders in their respective fields they will provide a valuable referral point at critical milestones along the project development. Their opinion may be sought by individual WP leaders or project coordinator as a whole on critical issues in the development of the project.

In order to ensure that the results from SENSORIANCE are disseminated, exploited and commercialized, a Dissemination and Exploitation Board will be specifically established and an Exploitation Manager appointed for those tasks. The Dissemination and Exploitation Board will coordinate and synchronize the Dissemination and Exploitation Plans.

The Dissemination and Exploitation Board will be composed of the Strategic and Institutional Marketing department of MESUREX, the project coordinator and WP leaders. This board will be responsible for: Identifying and assessing all project results; regulating the reporting of project results; preventing unapproved public disclosure of results; making recommendations for appropriate IP protection approach; ensuring that adequate protection is in place prior to exploitation and dissemination; defining the Action Plan for the exploitation of results.