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The research project developed by MLabs Optronics uses a system of sensors that improve vision and obstacle detection to avoid collisions, with the aim of improving aviation safety.

Despite the advances in the aeronautical industry, there are still problems when visibility conditions are unfavorable, and especially during the landing maneuver.

The main objective of the SENSORIANCE project led by MLabs Optronics (Mesurex project development division) in collaboration with SAAB Avionics Systems, is to develop an opto-electronic high definition system in visible and infrared spectra that, combining information from other sources, provide the pilot with improved visual information, or even replace it when necessary, in situations of reduced or no visibility.

This information will be shown through an advanced situational flight vision system. The system, which will increase visibility in all weather conditions, will also be able to detect and avoid obstacles thus increasing the safety of flight operations.